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The training provided by FSC UK does not provide you with any form of accreditation. If you would like to train to become an auditor, please get in touch with the FSC accredited Certification Bodies.


TrainingFSC UK offer training courses designed to introduce and explain the FSC system and how it relates to your business or organisation.

Our courses are suitable for anyone who needs a thorough understanding of the FSC system. These are the only courses in the UK delivered by FSC staff members.

These courses are your opportunity to learn first-hand about the FSC system and ask specific questions about the benefits that FSC can bring to your business or organisation.

Face to Face Training

A bespoke half day course for up to 12 participants (more by arrangement) can be run at your premises. Courses tend to focus on a main theme of FSC chain of custody but can be adapted to meet the needs of architects and construction companies, printers and packagers, retailers, re-sellers, manufacturers or paper and wood products and many others who wish to engage with the FSC system.

Courses are available from £850 plus VAT. 

Please contact us on 01686 413 916 or at training at fsc-uk point org to discuss your requirements.

Online Training

Online TrainingWe are now offering an online Chain of Custody training module free of charge to all UK certificate holders. The training acts as an alternative to, but not a replacement for face-to-face training.

The online training will provide organisations the opportunity to easily access and learn about FSC Chain of Custody certification, as stand-alone or in preparation for more in-depth face-to-face training. It also intends to bring further benefits to your organisation such as increasing staff knowledge and improving engagement with suppliers.

The module includes an explanation of:

  • FSC
  • Controlled Wood
  • The 3 systems for controlling content of FSC products
  • How to implement a Documented Control System
  • How to check that companies and their products are FSC certified.

For UK organisations that don’t have FSC certification, this training can be accessed for a fee of £130 for 3 months or £50 for one month.

Interested in accessing the training? Please contact training at fsc-uk point org

If you hold an FSC Chain of Custody certificate, please provide your certificate or license number.

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