Become Certified

Reasons to become FSC certified

Becoming FSC certified shows that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. With public concerns about the state of the world’s forests and timber resources increasing, FSC provides you with a credible solution to complex environmental and social issues.

FSC certification is an effective way to gain public and consumer recognition of your responsible practices and can also help you to make and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets. It can also improve credibility with customers and business associates, and with financial and watchdog organisations, thus helping to protect your brand and reputation. FSC certification allows you to access more environmentally sensitive markets, and increasingly, governments and businesses are specifying FSC certified products in their procurement programs.

4 Steps towards FSC certification:

1. Contact

Contact one or several FSC accredited certification bodies. To give you a first estimate regarding cost and time needed the certification body will need some basic information about your operation. The certification body will provide you with information about the requirements for FSC certification. Click here for details of FSC accredited certification bodies.

Group schemes

You may qualify for a group scheme, in which case it is a good idea to contact a few in addition to the certification bodies - please click here for further information about chain of custody and forest management group schemes.

2. Decide

Decide which certification body (or small business group scheme) you would like to work with and sign an agreement them.

3. Receive Audit

Undergo an FSC certification audit, in which your company’s qualifications for certification are assessed. An audit report is produced, on which the certification body makes a decision.

4. Receive Outcome

If the decision is positive, you receive an FSC certificate. If the audit revealed that your operation is not yet in full compliance with FSC requirements, then after you have implemented the changes suggested in the certification report, you can go for a further audit.

Types of FSC certification

(© FSC IC)© FSC ICFSC issues two main types of certificate, Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification.

Learn about both by clicking here.

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