Forest Management Group Scheme

FSC Forestry in Germany (© FSC I.C.)© FSC I.C.Group certification is a way for more than one forest operation to be certified under a single FSC certificate.

The certificate is held by one organisation or person on behalf of a group of forest owners or managers who agree to participate in the group.

How does it work?

Woodland owners can become certified jointly under one certificate, or if their estates are managed by a resource management company, the resource manager can establish their own group scheme for those owners who wish to participate.

An FSC accredited certification body will audit a sample of members and carry out a risk assessment of the entire group scheme, rather than auditing each individual forest owner.

A group co-ordinator will need to be assigned to ensure that all members of the group are using systems that meet the FSC requirements.

Note: In the case of Group Resource Manager schemes, the resource manager will be the group co-ordinator.

Can I join a forest management group scheme?

The forests managed by the group members can be of any size, and any type of land ownership (state land, private, communal, concession etc).

How do I join?

You can begin by contacting existing Group Forest Management schemes included in the downloadable listing above.

Please note that whilst it can be cost-effective to be part of a group scheme it is also worth getting quotes from FSC accredited certification bodies.

Can I run a group scheme?

Please get in touch with FSC accredited certification bodies if you are looking to set up a group scheme.

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