Using your Trademark Licence

FSC licence codeYou can use your Trademark Licence to include the FSC trademarks in brochures, point of sale materials, on websites and in press releases.

The standard for non-certified trademark licence holders is: FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0 Requirements For Promotional Use of the FSC Trademarks by Non-Certificate Holders.

Artwork should be designed in line with the guidelines and a draft version submitted to FSC UK for approval. Evidence must be submitted for each new FSC certified product. As a registered Trademark Service Provider, FSC UK can approve trademark use and help with questions. You should also ask us to check any other text about FSC, such as press releases or articles in newsletters or annual reports. Under certain circumstances, organisations with a good proven track record may be granted self-approval status, allowing a named individual within the organisation to approve their own trademark use. In such situations, FSC UK will undertake regular checks to ensure compliance with the FSC standards.

Note: You cannot use your trademark licence to make labels which are actually attached to products. All FSC labels must be applied by an FSC certificate holder. However, you may arrange with an FSC certificate holder to have packaging which includes an FSC label applied to your design. This will then need approval by their Certification Body.

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