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FSC LabelsThe FSC logo, the name Forest Stewardship Council and the acronym FSC are all registered trademarks and there are strict controls on their use.

In addition to the FSC Trademark Standards, there are also some additional documents that give guidance on the use of the FSC trademarks.

Trademark Quick Guide

The quick guide provides important information extracted from the trademark standard with visual examples. It does not cover all aspects of trademark use and questions may arise. Therefore, please refer to FSC Trademark Standard 50-001 (V1-2) for detailed information and trademark rules in compliment with this quick guide.

FAQ on Trademark Use

This document addresses some of the main questions on trademark use.  Please get in touch with us if you cannot find the answer to your question.

FSC Trademark Standards

FSC's trademark standards for Certificate Holders and Non-Certificate Holders (Trademark Licence Holders) are the normative documents that must be complied with for correct use of the FSC trademarks.

Standards Interpretations

FSC provides Standards Interpretations, where these are necessary to ensure consistent application of FSC standards and these can be found here.

FSC Labels - For Placement Only

FSC LabelsClick here to access FSC's 'for placement only' labels.

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