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Trademark Licence Holders

A list of FSC Trademark Licence holders worldwide can be found here

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Note: promotional claims

If you wish to make any further promotional claims as to the FSC status of your purchases you must buy from an FSC certified company listed here: Further, you must hold either an FSC Certificate or an FSC Trademark Licence (please click here for further information).

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The FSC International Certificate Database

The FSC International Certificate DatabaseThis should be used to check the validity and scope of certificates, including those in the UK.

To amend information on this database certified companies should contact their FSC accredited certification body.

You can access the FSC Database by clicking here

FSC Marketplace

FSC MarketplaceFSC Marketplace is an online international platform designed to bring buyers and sellers of FSC certified products in the FSC supply chain together – and it provides a valuable opportunity for smallholders around the world. Usually, smallholders’ access to the global market is facilitated by NGOs or other organizations with market connections, but through the FSC Marketplace smallholders can get access to the global market directly.

Profiles are easy to create and maintain in most languages and buyers can find small and community producers easily through the site’s quick search function.

You can access the FSC Marketplace by clicking here

The UK Product & Supplier Database (Under Review)

FSC UK Product and Supplier DatabaseThe database allows you to search for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of FSC certified products in the UK.


UK Product & Supplier Database is Under Review

The UK Product & Supplier Database is currently under review. FSC UK will notify any companies listed of any changes in due course.

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