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FSC Board of Directors Approves the FSC Core Labour Requirements within the FSC Chain of Custody Normative Framework

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06.01.2021 · Technical News

FSC audits during the coronavirus pandemic

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Pesticides Policy update – end of transition period, new graphical overview, and engagement with nurseries

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Sustainable Packaging Report

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02.12.2020 · Events

FSC Labels Webinar

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07.12.2020 · Events

Launching FSC’s Global Strategy 2021-2026

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07.12.2020 · Events

Alliances for Nature-based Solutions

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04.11.2020 · Events

Environmental Packaging Week

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Latest Facts & Figures - UK

As of 1 January 2021:
2,259 CoC certificates
1,600,233 ha of forest certified

Latest Facts & Figures - Worldwide

As of 1 January 2021:
44,909 CoC certificates
221,893,459 ha of forest certified

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