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11.11.2020 · Technical News

Contacting FSC UK during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The November edition of Forest Matters is out now

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

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23.10.2020 · Events

Coming up: ‘Are you ready for the UK Timber Regulation?’ webinar

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04.11.2020 · Events

Environmental Packaging Week

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30.09.2020 · Events

Thank You for Your Support on FSC Friday

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21.09.2020 · Events

Coming up: Join us this week to celebrate FSC Friday 2020

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Latest Facts & Figures - UK

As of 2 November 2020:
2,263 CoC certificates
1,593,482 ha of forest certified

Latest Facts & Figures - Worldwide

As of 2 November 2020:
44,321 CoC certificates
220,156,600 ha of forest certified

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