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12.09.2019 · Technical News

Controlled wood implementation guidance available

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12.09.2019 · Smallholder News

What is FSC doing for smallholders?

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WWF study shows wildlife thrives in FSC-certified forests

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29.08.2019 · Press Releases

Amazon on fire: stop the fires and then plan for the future

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27.08.2019 · Events

Join FSC at “The Value of FSC to Europe’s Public Forests” event in Prague

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01.08.2019 · Events

Clued up at Kew – UK members to enjoy a taste of timber sleuthing

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30.07.2019 · Events

Celebrate FSC Friday!

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03.04.2019 · Events

FSC Labour Solution Forum: Geneva, 8-10 May 2019

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Looking for FSC International?

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Latest Facts & Figures - UK

As of 6 September 2019:
2,267 CoC certificates
1,632,044 ha of forest certified

Latest Facts & Figures - Worldwide

As of 6 September 2019:
39,412 CoC certificates
198,373,548 ha of forest certified

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