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17.01.2019 · Technical News

Falcon: New interim tool for formatting of transaction verification data

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16.01.2019 · Technical News

Review report of FSC Principles and Criteria is now open for public consultation

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19.12.2018 · Technical News

FPIC working group meets face-to-face to develop draft v1.0 of revised FPIC guidelines

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14.12.2018 · Technical News

Consultation open on proposal for FSC forestry contractor certification

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04.01.2019 · Events

Packaging Innovations

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02.01.2019 · Events

Royal Forestry Society training courses for 2019 announced

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27.11.2018 · Events

Excellence in Forestry Awards 2019

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21.11.2018 · Events

Tree Charter Day 2018: 24 November

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Latest Facts & Figures - UK

As of 9 January 2019:
2,280 CoC certificates
1,635,305 ha of forest certified

Latest Facts & Figures - Worldwide

As of 9 January 2019:
36,020 CoC certificates
195,938,483 ha of forest certified

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