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monkeyThe FSC UK newsletter, Forest Matters, is freely available to forest management certificate holders in the UK.

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  • There's More Than the Wood From the Trees
    If you were asked what can be made from trees, you might say wood or maybe paper. And you’d be right, but there are many other materials that come from trees (and other forest plants) that may not be so obvious. Each part of the tree has multiple uses, some of which might just surprise you!
  • FSC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Part 1
    At FSC, we are committed to working toward the SDGs to ensure a brighter future for generations to come. Therefore, our FSC-standards address a lot of the criteria behind the SDGs. The first post in this series outlines how we are working toward Goals 1 - 4.
  • International Women's Day 2020
    AT FSC, we are determined to ensure that men and women have equal rights and opportunities in FSC-certified companies. Find out more about how our standards address gender equality in this article.
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