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  • There's More Than the Wood From the Trees
    If you were asked what can be made from trees, you might say wood or maybe paper. And you’d be right, but there are many other materials that come from trees (and other forest plants) that may not be so obvious. Each part of the tree has multiple uses, some of which might just surprise you!
  • FSC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    At FSC, we are committed to working toward the SDGs to ensure a brighter future for generations to come. This series of articles discusses how FSC-standards address a lot of the criteria behind the SDGs.
    Part 1: Goals 1 - 4
    Part 2: Goals 5 - 8
    Part 3: Goals 12 - 14
    Part 4: Goals 15 - 17
  • International Women's Day 2020
    At FSC, we are determined to ensure that men and women have equal rights and opportunities in FSC-certified companies. Find out more about how our standards address gender equality in this article.
  • Those Who Can, Garden
    April is the perfect time to think about getting to work in your garden, and this article is filled with inspiration to get you started.
  • We Need to Talk About Forests
    The ways in which we choose to interact with the natural world can have huge consequences, not just for our environment but also, as we have seen from the COVID-19 pandemic, for human health at large. But who is stepping up to help and who is looking the other way?
  • Forests, Wildlife, and the Next Pandemic
    2020 was supposed to be a ‘super-year’ for nature – the year in which modern industrial society finally got around to redefining its relationship with the natural world. But then nature bit back.
  • Tropical Timber and Lesser Known Timber Species
    FSC have developed a Lesser Known Timber Species website and database to inspire and guide timber and wood users to look for a more diverse selection of timber species. The project aims to develop a more diverse timber market to support sustainable forestry and improve pricing and regional development.
  • An Introduction to SPOTT
    SPOTT – Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit – is a free, online platform supporting sustainable commodity production and trade. By tracking transparency, SPOTT incentivises the implementation of corporate best practice.


  • My FSC Work Experience Diary
    Mabel Lewis briefly joined the FSC UK team for her summer of work experience. From attending talks to going on a field trip to the WildHeart Animal Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight; Mabel explains how her experience has opened her eyes to how forests and woodlands are managed and maintained.
    • Sustainable sourcing and resourcing
      The sustainability of packaging is increasingly scrutinised by consumers, with surveys showing 3 in 5 Britons want the amount packaging reduced and 9 in 10 believing recycling (and hence recyclability) is important. Brands and retailers are working hard to satisfy their customers’ expectations, but what are the right choices? Find out more in this guest piece by OPRL.
    • Packaging innovation for sustainability
      Packaging has been a hot topic over the past few years as consumers become increasingly aware of their environmental impact. This has put businesses under pressure to meet consumer expectations that their product packaging is environmentally sustainable, which is resulting in impressive innovations in the packaging sector.
    • How natural rubber could be harming the world's forests
      Natural rubber is one of the many materials that we depend on forests for. Products made from rubber are abundant in our day to day lives, from our car tyres and the soles of our shoes, to hot water bottles and balloons. Here, we explore where rubber comes from, how it’s made, and why it’s essential we only purchase responsibly sourced rubber.
    • Bending towards tomorrow: the growth of FSC-certified bamboo in Asia Pacific
      In this guest article, Michael Quinn, FSC APAC, writes about the growth of FSC-certified bamboo and how FSC can help the bamboo industry to achieve robust growth, while adapting to changing times.
    • Biodiversity and the benefits of FSC certification
      The message of this year’s International Day for Biological Diversity is that is we’re part of nature, so we must be part of the solution for biodiversity loss and climate change. From roots to canopy, trees and forests support life in all its shapes and forms, and in FSC-certified forests biodiversity is preserved, and vulnerable species are protected.


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