Case Studies

FSC in practice

(© ODA)© ODAWe have developed a range of case studies looking at the impacts of the FSC system.

Please click on the boxes below to read case studies about how the FSC system works with forests, businesses and the public.

Further case studies can be found on the FSC International website here and here.

We are always looking for more examples of FSC in practice - do please contact FSC UK if you would like to discuss a possible case study.

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Thomas More Square 2

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Welshpool Printing Group

Silver Spoon use FSC certified paper

Dave Robson and Simon Hart at Winnows Hill Woodland (© Egger Forestry)© Egger Forestry

240 Blackfriars (c)Great Portland Estates

Lesser Known Species used in groynes on the German coast of the Baltic Sea


Public access in the forest

Westside Apartments in Ilford

FSC Venison

Tiger in the Taiga (c)WWF

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