(© Bumboo)© BumbooInspired by a love of nature and a desire to take a proactive role in addressing the global issue of deforestation, in 2019 Bumboo (FSC-N003550) set out to create an ethical and sustainable alternative to premium toilet papers made from virgin tree pulp. The aim was to create a premium quality toilet paper that offered the same level of softness, strength, and overall quality as leading mainstream papers, and without the use of plastic packaging.

After researching a number of alternative paper fibre and recycled paper options, it was decided that bamboo offered the best overall option as a rapidly renewable alternative to trees with a relatively clean and efficient manufacturing process. Technically a grass, it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet, taking 3-5 years to reach maturity, compared to trees which typically take 25-40 years. Once harvested, bamboo regrows quickly and can be harvested annually for as many as 40-70 years. Bamboo has a range of environmental benefits ranging from the regeneration of soil to the sequestration of CO2, but it also offers important product benefits such as less ‘tissue dust’ compared to tree based papers, due to the longer fibres.

(© Bumboo)© BumbooThe ethics and sustainability of the supply chain was of paramount importance from the outset, so it was reassuring to learn that bamboo was cultivated within the FSC framework, and Bumboo was able to choose an FSC-certified manufacturing partner.

Bumboo appreciates the importance of transparency and the reassurance that having FSC certification offers its customers. Obtaining an FSC promotional licence was the logical next step for Bumboo, to enable this to be communicated clearly and effectively to its customers. The licence application process was straight forward and the FSC team were very supportive.

The Bumboo philosophy is one of continual improvement and a regenerative approach to the environment. A tree is planted for every box of toilet rolls (and now also kitchen rolls) sold, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, as part of the ‘Buy One Plant One’ initiative at the heart of the business model.

All packaging is 100% plastic free, with cartons made from recycled paper, printed with soybean based inks and sealed with paper based tape.

This is a guest article written by Fay Pottinger, Bumboo. Click here to visit their website.

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