MATCHITA - The One-Of-A-Kind Matcha Bamboo Box

(© MATCHITA)© MATCHITAMATCHITA, a rising company with branches in London and Zurich, promotes an energetic and healthy lifestyle for individuals and is focused on creating awareness by sharing the powerful benefits of matcha with others around the world.

The activating properties of matcha trigger a positive feeling and from the inside-out empowers a tremendous momentum in any aspect of our lives. The combination of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and lots of antioxidants makes matcha the ideal superfood to incorporate into a drink that delivers rich nutrition to boost energy levels and the immune system, supporting one’s overall daily functioning and increasing mental clarity.

Matcha and bamboo have been the key elements of Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries and have experienced a recent rise in global popularity as a superfood and sustainable material. Bamboo’s record growth rate per day makes it the ideal resource for green products and its strength and structure a perfect design element. Combining tradition and modern trends, MATCHITA’s designers found bamboo to be the perfect material for the packaging. The premium organic matcha powder is packed in a stylish FSC-certified bamboo box, completing the ensemble of a traditional ceremonial set with a "chashaku“ (bamboo scoop) and a “chasen“ (bamboo whisk). The chasen is used to whisk matcha powder with hot water crafting a delicious drink with pleasant "umami“ - the essence of deliciousness.

MATCHITA is also proud to introduce an innovative light and refreshing matcha energy drink in a can - the perfect modern-day kick for people on the go!

In the development phase of such products, the use of renewable resources and recyclable materials is a priority at MATCHITA and a core value that drives every decision. In efforts to support sustainable forestry, MATCHITA is connected to the FSC community. Through the FSC system, MATCHITA can prove that the strongest possible commitment for sustainable forestry is taken and values of environment and animal protection are respected. The system allows transparency and trustworthiness within the whole process, with all companies in the supply chain for FSC-certified products holding FSC certification. MATCHITA buys FSC-certified and labelled products from their FSC-certified suppliers and promotes these using the FSC trademarks under an FSC promotional license.

Use of responsibly-sourced FSC materials makes a powerful statement and shows a company’s awareness for a high-value-conservation of global forests. MATCHITA believes small actions can make a big impact and with continued dedication, together, we can make a better future for our planet.

This is a guest article from MATCHITA. Find out more about the benefits of matcha on their website here.

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