(© Optima)© OptimaOptima Products Ltd (FSC-C139468) have more than 30 years’ experience in the glass partition industry, creating beautiful interiors with exceptional glazed partitioning systems. Since our launch in 1986, we have grown not only by designing, manufacturing, installing, and testing our own products in the UK but also globally. We are experts in acoustics and in the supply and installation of independently tested, fire rated products. Our expertise has allowed us to establish ourselves as a market leader and our sustained development and investment enables us to continue to innovate and enhance our processes as a business.

Why we are FSC certified

At our manufacturing facility near Bath, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we can. We are always searching for the most sustainable materials for all our products. Timber plays an important role in the production of our Tech Panels, guaranteeing high acoustic performance as well as an attractive, functional addition to any project. With this in mind, we felt it was important that just like the other materials we use in our products that our timber was responsibly sourced. As a result, we began our journey to becoming FSC certified, further improving our environmental performance.

Why is FSC certification important to us?

(© Optima)© OptimaNow more than ever, the market is demanding credibility of the environmental impact of the products we use. We believe the FSC certification reinforces perfectly not only our dedication to the environment but also our proactive response to the demands of the market. As a business we believe in the responsible sourcing of materials. Therefore, the FSC certification ensures that every product installation can be tracked back to responsibly managed forests. This gives us confidence that we are designing and installing products that are sourced in a way that preserves the environment around us.

At Optima we take pride in being an ethical business, responsible for our people, our environment, and our products. We are dedicated to discovering and utilising the most sustainable solutions and processes to improve how we work. Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced by the extra efforts to enhance our environmental performance across all areas of the business. From the decision to begin our journey towards Net Zero Carbon to the development of our waste, recycling, and energy processes, we are constantly working towards our goal of sustainable development in every aspect of the business.

Our success with FSC

We have completed many successful projects which have been enhanced by our FSC certification. For one particular fit-out at LinkedIn’s London headquarters we installed Tech Panels extensively throughout their bright office space. These systems offer room booking technology as well as lighting and ventilation controls. Touch screen devices are easily integrated into the timber panels and installed within a selection of our glass partitions. All power and data cabling are smartly concealed and readily available within the cavity of the panel.

Furthermore, the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) is available with a number of FSC certified panel finishes. The acoustic laminate panels not only offer a sustainable solution, but they also deliver superior sound privacy. From the very beginning the AMR has been designed with sustainability in mind. Working alongside other FSC certified suppliers we have created a product that enhances the working environment whilst helping reduce our impact on the natural environment.

Working with FSC

(© Optima)© OptimaSince receiving our FSC chain of custody certification in November 2017, we have enjoyed working alongside the Forest Stewardship Council, delivering responsibly sourced products. We are independently audited annually and have just completed our third successful audit, appointed by BM Trada. Throughout our three years, the FSC have been immensely helpful at every stage of the process. Always on hand to help with any questions and happy to supply data or any other information required, our experience with the FSC has been wholly beneficial. We have benefitted hugely from the continued training we have received, helping our people to understand and implement FSC effectively. Coming from a completely unknown place, our knowledge and experience has grown massively over the past three years. We now not only have a comprehensive understanding of FSC, but we are comprehensively incorporating it into our work.

For any companies interested in seeking certification we cannot recommend it more. As a business who pays a lot of attention to sustainability and minimising our impact, FSC has given us yet another tool to help maximise our environmental performance.

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