(© Clarks)© ClarksClarks (FSC-N003309) is a 200-year-old family business founded on the principles of caring for our employees and communities. So naturally, we care about protecting the environment for future generations as well. We see considered and responsible material choices as a key way to drive positive social and environmental change through our supply base.

Natural rubber is a core material for Clarks Originals, and we use crepe rubber to sole some of our most iconic products, including our iconic Desert Boot. The characteristics of this natural, renewable material help to make our products unique and recognisable.

That’s why we’re committed to sourcing deforestation-free, environmentally conscious and socially responsible natural rubber, as well as contributing to an improvement in the way the world’s natural rubber plantations are managed.

(© Clarks)© ClarksWith this commitment in mind, we saw working with our suppliers to achieve FSC certification as a natural way of ensuring that they share our sustainability ambitions.

After nearly two years of working with our internal teams, increasing visibility of our material supply chain and partnering with our suppliers to attain FSC chain of custody certification, we’re pleased to announce that this autumn we’ll be launching our very first Desert Boots with 100% FSC-certified rubber soles. We’re excited to share our progress with our consumers and already have plans to increase our use of FSC-certified rubber in our crepe soled products for the coming seasons.

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