Egger Forest Management

Dave Robson and Simon Hart at Winnows Hill Woodland (© Egger Forestry)© Egger ForestryEgger Forest Management has introduced a forest certification group scheme helping landowners to demonstrate both their commitment to sustainability and get a better price from their managed woodlands.

The Egger Forestry Ltd group scheme (SGS-FM/COC-010252) achieved FSC forest management certification in August 2014. Some 1.4 million hectares of the UK’s forests are now certified.

Simon Hart, a veteran of forest certification having been involved since its inception in the UK some 15 years ago, is managing Egger’s scheme.

He commented: “Since launching the Egger Forest Management operation a year ago, this scheme is something we have worked hard and at no little cost to achieve.

“Being able to offer clients the benefits of certification, including third party audit of management against a recognised standard, gives us the ability to achieve the highest price for the land owner from the market for their timber.

An additional benefit of certification is that our scheme and systems are independently audited each year, which gives them piece of mind that we are managing to a high, sustainable standard.”

Egger Forest Management’s first load of certified timber left the Winnows Hill woodland near Consett, County Durham, early in 2015.

The site is managed by forest manager Dave Robson who is based at Egger in Hexham. He said:

“It is really important to be able to offer certified timber to the market place as it ensures we can maximise the price for the woodland owner.

Most timber markets are demanding at least an element of certified timber, meaning there is always the highest demand for certified material. The timber moves from the site quickly and our client benefits.

My Scottish colleague Sam Booth is about to put 14,000 tonnes of Egger-certified wood to market from Crookedstane Craig, Beattock Summit in Dumfriesshire. He was recently quoted a £2 per tonne differential between certified and uncertified timber, so it doesn’t need a large timber project for the client to soon get back the additional costs associated with meeting the certification standard.”

Egger Forestry Ltd have also held an FSC Chain of Custody certificate (TT-COC-001129) since March 2000.

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