Llais y Goedwig (Voice of the Woodlands)

Llais y Goedwig strengthens support for responsible management of community woodlands by joining the social chamber of FSC.

Llais y Goedwig (Voice of the Woodlands) is the Welsh network of community woodlands. It is a grassroots organisation formed by community woodland groups to support members in practical, development and advocacy terms.

Community woodland groups come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but all are based on the desire of communities across Wales to have a say in how their local woodlands are managed. The groups are formed and run by people with the passion and drive to take on the management of those woods on a practical level so that they benefit the people and wildlife in the communities surrounding them.

Community woodlands in Wales come in all shapes and sizes, from small wooded areas in the centre of a towns to hundreds of hectares in rural settings, and are managed variously to:

  • improve access
  • create safe places for recreation
  • provide education and training
  • safeguard biodiversity
  • foster local enterprise.

Llais y Goedwig membership currently stands at over 90 active groups with a further 700 supporters. Increasingly, members are looking to maximise the benefits that managing all aspects of their woodlands can bring to communities, including timber sales, marketing and income generation from non-timber resources.

Llais y Goedwig was keen to become a member of FSC as it will help the network to support its members more effectively, giving them a voice in shaping future responsible management of their woodlands, helping to strengthen the network and allowing them to share their knowledge and experience with, and learn from, others in the social chamber. Llais y Goedwig members can look forward to conversations with other community forest and woodland groups across the FSC network.

FSC membership will help Llais y Goedwig achieve one of its fundamental aims – the recognition of ‘social forestry’ as an integral and important part of the forestry sector in Wales and internationally. The woodlands of Wales (and the rest of the world) need communities and communities need woodlands!

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