(© Blueline)© BluelineThis is a guest article written by Blueline.

Blueline are a family run company that has been in existence since 1947, started with demob pay after Alfred Marshall left the Navy at the end of the Second World War.

Blueline was based in the East of London until 2005 when it re-located to East Hertfordshire.

We supply commercial furniture, mainly to London and the South East of England but also to clients UK wide. We offer free space planning and cover everything from a single chair to full design and fit outs for large multi-national companies.

Blueline have always prided themselves on our level of customer service, and particularly on offering high quality furniture that is made to last – in fact we are aware of Blueline furniture that is still in use 36 years after being sold by us!

(© Blueline)© BluelineIn the late 1990’s the business was searching for a way to prove that it also cared about the environment when we came across FSC at an exhibition. We were immediately impressed and saw it as being a perfect solution.

Working with FSC, in 1999 we became the first in our trade in all of Europe (and the second in the world) to achieve chain of custody on our furniture products including desks, tables, receptions and storage. We are proud to have been involved with FSC for all these years and have gained some significant customers because of this association.

FSC has become an integral part of our company and our wish to demonstrate that we have a business that has little detrimental effect on the environment, which we want our children to be proud of.

We sell all of our new furniture with chain of custody - even when it is not being requested! - and everything is UK manufactured to keep our carbon footprint low. We have also expanded our business to offer upcycling, reupholstery and repairs and reuse.

(© Blueline)© BluelineOur business offers quality, value and service combined with a clear conscience purchase, and our products have a minimum 5 year guarantee which we can extend to 10 years which allows for wood content to re-grow. Our products do last a lot longer than this though!

We have found our association with FSC and the systems quite stress-free and would encourage all businesses that use wood to do the right thing and become certified. We have spent a significant amount of our time and resources in promoting FSC and how it preserves forests to as many end users as possible and will continue to do so.

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