From sturdy frames to supportive feet, almost all sofas contain elements made from wood - which poses a problem if the wood isn’t sourced ethically. Sofology, the UK’s fastest growing omnichannel furniture retailer, has been working towards combating the impact that the sofa industry has on the environment, pioneering vital environmental initiatives including PlanTree, SofaRescue and the launch of eco-friendly sofa ranges.

(© Sofology)© SofologySofology recognises that achieving FSC certification for all of their sofa ranges by 2025 is a key objective for their company’s environmental efforts, and they are well underway with attaining FSC certification for the majority of their sofa ranges. This year sees a big step forward in their journey towards full FSC certification, with plans to increase the number of FSC-certified ranges year on year.

Sofology ensure that all of their sofa suppliers comply with their Timber sourcing policy, and make sure that the wood they use:

  • Does not come from any species listed on the three CITES Appendices.
  • Is not from forests managed or harvested in violation of traditional or human rights.
  • Is not from forests with high conservation values where harvesting negatively impacts on those values.
  • Is not from natural tropical rainforests or dry zone forests unless they are FSC or PEFC-certified.

Sustainability is a growing concern in the retail sector, but it is even more crucial in the furniture industry, where large amounts of wood are used every day in the manufacture of items like sofas. In a recent survey, Sofology found that 89% of consumers they questioned were concerned about the environment, but only 17% believed that they could make a positive difference.

What this shows is that now, more than ever, choosing retailers that are more environmentally responsible is an important consideration for customers, who want retailers to help them make positive choices. It’s clear that retailers need to lead the way in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

(© Sofology)© SofologySofology are tackling every area they can to make what they do more sustainable. Starting with their industry-leading Green Friday campaign that began in 2019, Sofology have begun to focus on their environmental impact with a range of new initiatives. PlanTree sees a tree planted for every order placed, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, with 100,000 trees planted in 2020. Their Sofa Rescue service collects a customer’s old sofa and takes it to be recycled and repurposed, reducing the amount of sofa waste going to landfill. As part of the retailer’s ongoing commitment to carbon efficiency, Sofology’s stores will be powered by 100% renewable electricity and will be equipped with the latest digital retail technology to reduce unnecessary waste.

With the launch of the FSC-certified Pioneer sofa, Sofology introduced their first ever eco-friendly sofa, and another will shortly be arriving in their stores. With more FSC-certified and eco-friendly sofa ranges planned to launch in the next few years, Sofology is showing that sofas can be stylish, cosy and, most importantly, kinder to the planet.

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