Silver Spoon packaging

Silver Spoon use FSC certified paperSilver Spoon sugar and Allinson flour come in FSC certified packaging, and that's 1200 tonnes of paper every year!

If you like British sourced sugar then the likelihood is you’re buying it in FSC certified packaging. Silver Spoon is making sugar out of sugar beet grown in the UK, meaning it already has low food miles. But they are also dedicated to responsible forestry, and so have committed to sourcing all the paper packaging for their granulated and caster sugar from FSC certified sources.

Silver Spoon uses 700 tonnes of paper packaging for their sugar every year, and their sister company Allinson Flour uses 500 tonnes of paper packaging, also all certified. This equates to a colossal number of bags, over 2 million bags of sugar and 600,000 bags of flour. At their Bury St. Edmunds factory, one of these sugar bags is processed every 0.5 seconds.

Every company that makes the commitment to sustainable forestry is doing a huge job in making a stand against deforestation and illegal logging. FSC certified forests are managed using strict environmental and social criteria including regulations on diverse impacts such as soil protection, consultation of local people, and wildlife protection.

Over 80% of the paper for Silver Spoon and Allinson Flour comes from forests in Sweden, the rest from other countries in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions. These forests are vast and are home to unique wildlife and are carefully managed to FSC standards. Silver Spoon commented on why they are keen to source certified packaging:

The Silver Spoon Company is committed to sustainability. We believe in stepping lightly where-ever we can and this extends to the packaging we use. FSC’s work towards promoting the responsible management of forests and ensuring the rights of workers are respected, makes buying sustainably sourced paper for both Silver Spoon Sugar and Allinson Flour simple to do.”

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