TipToe Jewellery

Packaging can often be the first impression that our jewellery makes on a customer when they have ordered online, and it is an opportunity for us to reinforce our values through the materials we have chosen.

Sustainability and environmental awareness is in the foundations of our practice, TipToe Jewellery (FSC®N003296). TipToe Jewellery is a sustainable contemporary fine jewellery practice based in Bath, UK. All of our work is produced by hand in our studio. The vast majority of precious metals and diamonds or gemstones used are salvaged and recycled, or they are carefully sourced through traceable, ethical and trusted partners. From the beginning we were conscious that the desire for sustainability had to extend not just to jewellery materials but to all the processes and practices of the studio - especially packaging.

The name TipToe represents a commitment to treading lightly on the environment as well as referring to the inspiration behind the jewellery – the footprints animals have left on the earth. The patterns created by shadows falling within their tracks, as well as the landscape that surrounds them, is the basis for our designs. We use mixed finishes of polished and textured areas on the metal to try and emphasise this. The tracks of animals and their landscapes have given us our inspiration - so we want to give back to the natural world as much as we can.

It’s important to us that every part of the product which we give to the customer - the jewellery and the packaging - comes from sustainable sources and is able to be recycled easily or reused. So nothing is going into landfill and nothing can be left to pollute the environment. This way we can help ‘close the loop’ and ensure that we are producing responsibly, and leaving only footprints.

Our bags are made from FSC-certified Kraft paper. Our boxes are currently made from recyclable cardboard and will soon also be FSC certified. The inserts inside the boxes are made from FSC-certified cardboard which is flocked with viscose - a natural by-product from wood production. We hope you will store your jewellery in its box, but if you need to - our packaging is 100% recyclable once the ribbons are removed. Look out for the FSC logo on our FSC-certified packaging.

Becoming a FSC promotional licence holder means that we can share the story of our packaging with our customers and help them to feel even better about purchasing from us. We all want to know that we are making responsible buying choices and the recognisable FSC logo makes that easier for us. At a time when we need to protect our forests more than ever, we are proud to promote and support the work of FSC. TipToe for Trees.

To explore our jewellery collections you can visit our website here and you can keep in touch with us and see what we’re up to next by following us on Instagram @tiptoejewellery.

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