Littlethorpe of Leicester

Littlethorpe of Leicester (FSC®C109654) has been producing quality hardwood joinery since 1983. Established by Andrew and Norma Robinson, and now managed by son Tom Robinson, Littlethorpe is a family owned business based in Leicester, known across the UK for manufacturing high quality bus shelters built by hand from FSC-certified hardwood.

(© Littlethorpe of Leicester)© Littlethorpe of LeicesterAt Littlethorpe, all of our products are made to order and designed with longevity in mind. Our bus shelters have an expected life span in excess of 50 years, and come with industry leading guarantees. Whilst this is partly down to our expert design and joinery, it would not be achievable without great quality hardwood.

One of the reasons why longevity is so important to Littlethorpe, is our environmental impact. Cutting carbon is an enormous factor in helping to stop climate change, and the world’s forests play a huge role in absorbing carbon from our atmosphere. By using FSC-certified hardwood, we know that the tree has absorbed its maximum amount of carbon, and the lifespan of our products ensures that the carbon stays locked inside that wood for as long as possible.

It is of high priority to us that our clients up and down the UK are getting a beautiful shelter that will stand the test of time and prove to be good value. Not only does a timber structure look much more appealing than a metal one, it is also more difficult to damage, requires a lot less maintenance, and its long life span will mean there is rarely a need for replacement. This means that, over time, choosing a hardwood shelter is an economical choice as well as an environmentally conscious one.

(© Littlethorpe of Leicester)© Littlethorpe of LeicesterBeing FSC certified is hugely important to us, because we strongly believe that we are all responsible for the future of our planet. By sourcing FSC-certified wood, we know that we are contributing to the demand for sustainable timber, and therefore reducing the demand for needless deforestation that causes harm to wildlife, communities, and to our planet.

At Littlethorpe, we aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, by avoiding needless journeys, using local contractors, and recycling as much as possible. We also ensure our timber requirements are meticulously calculated, so that waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

Adapting to a more environmentally friendly way of living is something we take seriously at Littlethorpe, and something that our clients trust us with. In addition to bus shelters, we have recently developed cycle shelters, green roof shelters, and a modular planter range, making an environmentally friendly way of living accessible to all, and leading the way forward into an eco-conscious world. Being FSC certified shows our customers that our commitment to sustainable timber is an integral part of Littlethorpe’s ethos, and key in our commitment to future generations.

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