Woodpecker Flooring

Woodpecker Flooring (FSC®C111296) make it their responsibility to source timber with care and bring ethical wood floors to the homes of their customers.

(© Woodpecker Flooring)© Woodpecker FlooringWith a heritage in the timber industry going back three generations, Woodpecker Flooring is very much a family business. The company was founded in 1975 by Bruce Ker, a skilled craftsman who loved teaching people how to work with wood. His son Nelson carried on the tradition, focusing the business on woodworking machinery. In 2003, Nelson’s huge reserve of woodworking and mechanical experience was applied to manufacturing high quality flooring.

Understanding the different tree species, honing the grading process, and using centuries old techniques to expertly finish every floor, are the skills Woodpecker has worked hard to perfect over the years. Passionate about the personality, life and atmosphere that wood flooring brings to spaces, the business has grown from its very first small factory to manufacturing in thirteen facilities around the globe today.

Woodpecker has partnerships with more than 1000 flooring retailers, department stores and builders merchants, and their floors are found in the homes of customers seeking a naturally beautiful look all around the UK.

Certification for sustainable partnerships

Conscious of their environmental responsibility as a business and aware of the increasing demand for ethical products, Woodpecker made the decision to become FSC certified in 2012. Today’s consumer is curious about the journey behind the products they purchase. And flooring retailers are conscious of this too. The whole industry has experienced a shift in attitudes with suppliers chosen carefully to meet the needs of today’s market.

Indeed, FSC certification is mandatory to become a supplier for some of Woodpecker’s biggest customers. A shared responsible view has allowed Woodpecker to grow partnerships in areas that competitors could not, and has sustained Woodpecker’s relationships throughout their customer base.

“By making it our responsibility to source our timber with care, we can be confident that we’re bringing beautiful and ethical wood floors to our customers and into the homes of theirs.”

A naturally inspired brand

(© Woodpecker Flooring)© Woodpecker FlooringFollowing a re-brand in 2016, certification has become even more naturally aligned with Woodpecker’s business goals. The brand endorses the idea that a wood floor can remind you of times spent outdoors in the natural environment, walking barefoot with the feel of the forest underfoot and the fresh scents of nature in the air. Certification enables Woodpecker to take care of the natural environments that inspire the design of their products and create desire for wood floors. With the help of FSC, Woodpecker are looking after the natural spaces that underpin their brand.

“Our wood floors are inspired by beautiful, natural environments and our customers aspire to bring this sense of nature into their homes. We chose FSC certification to make sure our natural outdoors always stay beautiful and remain a source of inspiration.”

Company-wide commitment

When Woodpecker decided to become certified, the goal was to ensure their complete wood flooring collection would be FSC. That’s more than 80 products that the company take care to source responsibly. Woodpecker’s laminate floors are certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forests Certification (PEFC).

Woodpecker see the value of FSC in further areas of their business too. As the certification process is so thorough, care and attention is required from the whole team. Everyone has their part to play in ensuring successful certification. And although staff training can be one of the biggest challenges, it’s also one of the most effective ways to change attitudes about sustainability company-wide.

“The FSC experience helps Woodpecker to gain staff buy-in for our brand and business goals.”

A little advice…

For SMEs looking to become certified, Woodpecker would recommend using an Accredited Certification Body to guide them through and keep them up to date with any changes. When working to gain or retain certification, attention to detail is key - there are no short cuts for businesses that are serious about ensuring their products are ethical and responsibly sourced.


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