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Find out more about the forests and FSC by clicking on the videos below. For more videos, visit the FSC UK You Tube Channel by clicking here.

Is Your Packaging Forest Friendly?

Forest-based materials are commonly used for packaging. Our packaging video showcases the benefits of sourcing and purchasing FSC-certified packaging, to ensure Forests For All Forever.

FSC Project Certification and Canary Wharf Group

On the outside, Canary Wharf is built from steel, stone and glass. But if you look closer, you will see that some of the world’s biggest projects require a massive amount of timber. This video showcases how FSC Project Certification helps Canary Wharf Group to prove that the timber they use is responsibly sourced, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

#BeLabelWise #FSC

We love Maurice! He's the unlikely hero the planet needs.

The next time you’re out shopping or booking online, BeLABELWISE and you might just save the planet. Because a little, does a lot.


The Forest: Our Home, Our Culture, Our Life

Find out how Aboriginal Peoples and FSC are creating places for dialog to help keep our forests for all forever. Available with French subtitles.

Forests For All Forever - Celebrating the forest products in our everyday lives.

This film celebrates the many things in our lives that come from forests. It uses a simple story and stop-frame animation to bring forest products to life and helps us create an emotional connection with them. We become aware of the number and variety of every day FSC-certified products. Look for the FSC logo. Forests For All Forever.

What Wood you Choose?

All the timber and wood products we buy -- from furniture to flooring to paper -- started life in a forest somewhere.

FSC: One Simple Action

Help protect the health of forests for all, forever. When you choose FSC, you help support principles and actions that protect our air, water, and overall quality of life.


The Beautiful Forest

This beautiful film celebrates forests and our connection with them.

You can help protect forests and communities by choosing wood and paper with the FSC logo.

Buyer Be Fair - The Promise of Product Certification

How can retailers and consumers use their purchasing power and market choice to make the world better for people and the environment? What is the promise of product certification and labeling?

BUYER BE FAIR looks at two major trade goods -- timber and coffee -- to find out how certification works and whether it helps the world's poor, and their lands. Can the lessons from certification of timber, by the Forest Stewardship Council, and coffee, by Fair Trade, be applied to other products?


The Adventures of Harry Ficus

WWF 'The Adventures of Harry Ficus' TVC by Leo Burnett Sydney - B&T

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