Forest-based materials are commonly used for packaging. Our new video showcases the benefits of sourcing and purchasing FSC-certified packaging, to ensure Forests For All Forever.

Paper and paperboard made from forest-fibres are a popular choice for packaging. These materials are also commonly considered as a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging as they can be biodegradable and recyclable. However, they can also be a product of deforestation or poor forestry practices if not responsibly sourced. This threatens our forests, the wildlife and people who depend on them, and brand reputation.

Consumers are selective of where they spend their money, with 68% of UK shoppers stating the environmental impact of a product’s packaging affects their purchasing choice1. The same survey revealed that 88% of UK consumers want on-pack information on packaging sustainability.

FSC-certified packaging shows consumers that your brand is committed to ensuring that materials are responsibly sourced. We are the most credible forest certification system, with 80% of consumers surveyed agreeing that FSC is the market leader in forest certification2, and 75% of shoppers in the UK preferring to choose a product bearing the FSC label than one an otherwise identical product without3. The FSC label can be applied to packaging under a valid chain of custody certificate and allows you to capitalise on one of its key functions: promotion.

Certificate holders wishing to use the video are encouraged to get in touch. There is also a shorter version for social media use.

To learn more about FSC-certified packaging, check out our packaging brochure by clicking here.

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