Product Focus: Bar-Be-Quick

Company name: Rectella International Ltd
Products certified: instant barbecues; party barbecues; instant lighting charcoal
FSC licence number: FSC-C015372
Licensed since: 2001

Why FSC?

Environmentalists raised the profile of deforestation in the 90s, targeting timber sales through the ‘sheds’ – places such as B&Q and Homebase, for example. At that time, charcoal wasn’t a consideration for environmentalists as they had so much to try and achieve in terms of raw timber and processed timber, so we took it upon ourselves to be proactive and to take the initiative with our premium branded Instant Lighting Charcoal and, in turn, win ourselves an additional badge which supported our premium brand.

What does FSC do for your business?

The FSC mark ensures that all charcoal used in the manufacture of our instant barbecues and charcoal packs is sourced responsibly. Our products carry the FSC mark of responsible forestry, which requires stringent social and environmental checks to ensure that workers, factories and harvesting methods are environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial. We have gone one step further and are the world’s only supplier of fairly traded charcoal; again this came about by working closely with the Co-operative.

What’s next?

As a business, we are fully supportive of initiatives that raise the standards in the market place and ensures sustainability in both UK woodlands and worldwide.

A version of this article originally appeared in the September 2015 edition of Forest Matters.

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