Product Focus: Carbon Gold

Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar soil improvers and composts are used by gardeners, growers and horticulturalists throughout Europe to grow healthier, more productive plants without the use of chemical fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides. In an industry under pressure to clean up its act, customers are increasingly turning to organic growing methods and, importantly, those that produce great results.

Company name: Carbon Gold
FSC label: FSC 100%
Products certified: Enriched Biochar Soil Improver, Tree Soil Improver, Biology Blend, Seed Compost, All Purpose Compost
FSC licence number: FSC-C137682
Licensed since: 2017

Biochar is a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal used to improve soil fertility, nutrition and structure. Carbon Gold's biochar is produced from FSC certified, sustainably sourced waste woody biomass collected from the removal of invasive plant species. This is kiln baked at a low temperature with a restricted supply of oxygen - a process called pyrolysis.

Biochar brings soils to life. Thanks to its microscopic honeycomb-like structure, it provides the perfect habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms to flourish. Biochar also acts like a sponge, significantly improving the water-holding capacity of soils, lessening the risk of drought and flooding and reducing water usage. Carbon Gold enriches raw biochar with multiple strains of plant loving mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria and trace minerals to produce blends that are proven to significantly improve the health and vitality of trees, turf, flowers, fruit and veg.

Not only is biochar good for plants, it’s great for the planet too. Incorporating one tonne of biochar into the soil is the same as locking three tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide into the earth. As biochar can remain in the soil for hundreds if not thousands of years, this has important implications for reducing atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, including nitrous oxide and methane, enabling a positive impact on climate change.

Our FSC certification is essential to Carbon Gold’s brand ethos, aims and values – it complements our internationally recognised organic credentials and enhances customer confidence in a uniquely clean, green, sustainably sourced product that has a positive environmental impact. It’s an endorsement we are exceptionally proud to have, and one that we’re not shy of shouting about.

Carbon Gold products can be purchased from a variety of retail and trade stockists including Sarah Raven, Mr Fothergills, The Organic Gardening Catalogue, Crocus and from the Carbon Gold online store.

A version of this article originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of Forest Matters.

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