Product Focus: Green Oil

Green Oil started in 2007 with an eco-friendly bicycle lubricant. Simon Nash its founder is an environmentalist and tired of plastic brushes that didn’t work well, created his own.

Product name: Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush
FSC label: FSC 100%
Company name: Green Oil
FSC licence number: FSC-N002212
Licensed since: 2014

FSC certification has always been important to Simon, who avoids buying new non-FSC wood. The Green Oil Bicycle Brush handle is made from Malaysian rubber plantation wood. These plantations are over 100 years old. Rubber trees stop producing rubber every 15 to 18 years and are replaced, with new ones planted. The old rubber trees are used to make the Green Oil bicycle brushes, where once they were burnt or discarded.

During the Green Oil Bicycle Brush’s development, bristles were offered which would “work but wear out after a year or use”. These contained plastic. Instead of this non-green option, Simon stuck by his green principles and selected a special plant based bristle which works better and lasts longer.

Often confused with animal hair, they will last more than ten years. They don’t clog up with grime like plastic bristles. They are also strong enough to stay long and straight so are great to get between the drive chain cogs. These special plant based bristles don’t get damaged or release bits of plastic like petrochemical ones do, even during hard scrubbing. This is especially important with the issue of micro-plastics in our oceans and rivers.

The Green Oil Bicycle Brush works better than a plastic brush, lasts longer, is more comfortable in your hand and has won praise from the bicycle industry.

Available from most green bike retailers and, the Bicycle Brush retails at £14.99. Designed to last more than ten years, that’s a cost of less than £1.50 per year of use!

The Green Oil Bicycle Brush has an FSC-certified wood handle, sustainable plant based bristles, and even uses biodegradable inks for its graphics.

Green Oil currently has shop display racks made from reclaimed pallet wood.

Simon says, “The FSC logo is the only reliable mark for sustainability for virgin wood products. PEFC and others are merely a form of greenwash, often justifying very new factory forests which have displaced real forests, biodiversity and people.”

A version of this article originally appeared in the October 2018 edition of Forest Matters.

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