Product Focus: My Paper Tote

We expect to see the FSC tick-tree logo on wooden products and paper such as furniture, journals, packaging and books, but have you ever seen it sitting proudly on a bag?

Company name: My Paper Tote
FSC label: FSC Mix
Products certified: metallic paper tote and wallet
FSC licence number: FSC-N002731
Licensed since: 2017

My Paper Tote are excited to be able to offer a fashion-led alternative to leather in their FSC-certified washable paper bags and accessories. The bags are tear-resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully-crafted from strong paper in a modern and functional way.

It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there. Our go-to material is more often than not leather, chosen for its strength and looks, but this often gives us a heavy bag with the unfriendly environmental issues associated with the material. The paper used at My Paper Tote is strong and flexible, which makes it a rival to leather in feel, look and durability.

When My Paper Tote began in early 2017, becoming FSC certified was top of the fledgling company's agenda. My Paper Tote understands the importance of responsible forestry and ensuring their washable paper is FSC certified means that the company is able to offer products that they can be sure are responsibly sourced.

My Paper Tote currently offers their popular Metallic Paper Tote (in both silver and rose gold) and Metallic Paper Wallet made from FSC-certified paper. By the end of 2018, the company hopes that all of its bags will be made using FSC-certified paper.

The paper used in these products originates from FSC-certified forests in Vermont, USA. It is important to the company that they use responsibly-sourced paper and My Paper Tote is proud that the company is creating products consciously and with the environment in mind. As consumers, we seek the trusted FSC logo on traditional wood and paper products so why not expect the same care for the environment when it comes to fashion? Offering certified products tells My Paper Tote customers that they and the company are taking care of forests.

My Paper Tote bags provide the durability of more traditional bags, using a unique material that is conscious of the environment. The company is positive that customers will fall in love with their bags and the material they use. It is lighter than leather but rivals its strength - and being washable too means it can always look it's best even after those daily coffee spills!

You can buy My Paper Tote FSC-certified products from and follow the company on Instagram @mypapertote for more insights into the brand and who they are.

A version of this article originally appeared in the December 2017 edition of Forest Matters.

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