Product Focus: Opal Envelopes

What begins with an ‘E’, ends with an ‘E’ and only has one letter in it? We can be so focused on the contents that we can sometimes forget the importance of the humble envelope.

Company name: Opal Envelopes
FSC label: FSC Recycled, FSC Mix
Product certified: bespoke envelopes
FSC licence number: FSC-C102116
Licensed since: 2010

At Opal, the range of FSC-certified products covers an array of envelope options, suitable for all.

Whatever you require, either as a buyer, an environmentalist, a manufacturer with special demands for folding, gluing and printing or just a person on the street who needs to post a letter, Opal's envelopes can cater for your needs.

The Opal factory boasts a variety of machinery, qualified staff and a quality system that is second to none meaning the company can offer the best commercial envelopes, pockets, wallets, diamond flaps, folders, and more, all with print, window and seal flap options.

As a bespoke envelope manufacturer, the company is often asked about their choice of materials, to which their reply is always, “FSC-certified products when and wherever possible.”

For companies like Opal, FSC gives them the assurance that consideration has been given to: sustainability, effects on Indigenous Peoples, effects on wildlife, and environmental factors.

In today’s world, recycling has also become a vital part of life. There is a need for recycled materials and for recycling waste paper to measurable and verifiable standards, such as ‘FSC Recycled’. That is why many of Opal's envelopes contain reclaimed materials, going back into the supply chain.

As demand has increased, the company's order intake for Chain of Custody (CoC) certified materials has grown exponentially in recent years. Opal responded to this by ensuring that all of their purchases of stock white paper are now FSC certified.

You can purchase FSC-certified Opal products by getting in touch with the sales team at, by calling 01902 791212 or by post at:

Opal Envelopes Ltd
Aspley Close
Four Ashes
WV10 7DE

A version of this article originally appeared in the February 2018 edition of Forest Matters.

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