Product Focus: Timco Wood

Company name: Timco Wood UK Ltd
Products certified: composite wood decking
FSC licence number: FSC-C007915
Licensed since: 2014

About your FSC products

We have a range of composite wood products on offer for the construction industry including decking, cladding, fencing, balustrade and pergolas. We use a mixture of recycled HDPE plastics and FSC-certified wood to create our products. Composite materials are relatively new to the construction industry, certainly within the UK - by having a recognised validation from FSC and the Rainforest Alliance, this grants us extra authority within the industry for a product which has yet to see widespread use.

Why FSC?

For us, FSC represents not only the benchmark in terms of international recognition for quality certification for wood products but it also represents the fact that we care. As we have a commitment to responsible manufacturing, it was important for us early on as a company to gain FSC certification - we care about sustainability and it was important that our customers saw this too. As mentioned, composite decking and other products are not so widely used in the UK, but having FSC certification allows consumers to feel confident in our product and has allowed us to become an industry leader for composite construction materials in the UK. FSC certification of our products gives us a sense of pride and allows our customers to trust in their quality and responsible nature.

Who are your customers?

Our customers range from large scale developers such as O’Shea Construction and Balfour Beatty to smaller contractors providing for the domestic market. Additionally, we supply overseas to areas such as Dubai and the Gulf Region for large construction projects there. Especially when larger companies are involved, FSC certification is something that is highly sought after so being able to provide that allows us to be involved in larger commercial projects.

What does FSC do for your business?

The FSC label gives our customers confidence in our products. FSC stands for quality, sustainability and a commitment to responsible manufacturing which are all traits that we believe in and stand by as a brand. FSC allies us to our core beliefs and has allowed us to grow quicker as a business as a result.

What’s next?

We have recently introduced pergolas into our range of FSC-certified composite products which will allow us to gain greater reach into markets like Dubai, the UAE and the Gulf Region as a whole - a key target market for us. Additionally, we are increasing our involvement in some of the large East London development projects.

A version of this article originally appeared in the March 2016 edition of Forest Matters.

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