Strategic Priorities

Dalby Forest (© Jennifer Ball)© Jennifer BallThe FSC UK 2021-2024 strategic plan builds on our previous three-year plans and is developed in the context of FSC’s global vision and mission and our own charitable objectives. As we seek to align ourselves as “One FSC” the strategic priorities for FSC UK increasingly reflect our global objectives.

Whilst we will always need to react to new challenges and opportunities, we need to have clarity in terms of our overarching priorities and to translate these priorities into objectives, deliverables and key performance indicators

FSC’s Mission
Forests For All Forever
The Forest Stewardship Council AC shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests

FSC’s 2050 Vision
Resilient forests sustain life on Earth
A new forest paradigm is realised, where the true value of forests is recognised and fully incorporated into society worldwide.

FSC’s Values
Embrace Diversity - Conserve Nature - Empower People - Realise Rights
FSC’s Code of Conduct builds on these values to provide guidance for behaviour and actions in all FSC work settings.

FSC UK’s Charitable Objectives

The Charity’s objects (the Objects) are to promote for the benefit of the public the protection and conservation of the world’s forests. In particular, but not exclusively, by:

1) Raising awareness of the value of responsibly managed forests

2) Promoting and supporting a programme of voluntary forest management certification and chain of custody certification

3) Developing consensus around standards for good forest management

4) Increasing public awareness about independent certification

The Charity works to promote the FSC system in the UK by:

  • Raising awareness of the value of responsibly managed forests.(which includes providing an FSC approved national forest stewardship standard and other woodland related guidance).
  • Supporting certificate holders and retailers to maximise the market for FSC products and thus increase the demand for certified forests.
  • Encouraging maximum participation from the UK in FSC’s global objectives.
  • Protecting the integrity of the FSC logo.

Priorities for FSC UK

The following priorities are proposed for 2021-24:

  • Promote the value of forests and demonstrate the impact and benefits of FSC
  • Support FSC and encourage stakeholder engagement to ensure that the FSC system is fit for purpose, relevant and trusted
  • Improve standards for forest management in the UK for all sizes and types of forest
  • Support UK based licence holders to maximise the demand for FSC products
  • Promote the FSC system, FSC certification and the specification of FSC-certified products

These strategic priorities are underpinned by our work to:

  • Ensure that FSC UK pursues its objectives as a registered charity, meets its legal and charitable obligations and operates as a professional organisation that values its people

An overview of each priority is provided in our Strategic Plan Summary with associated objectives.

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