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FSC Brazil is located in São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world. The team is formed of nine collaborators and one intern.

(© FSC Brazil)© FSC BrazilThey work to promote the importance of, and also facilitate, responsible forest management in Brazil, to represent the FSC system in the country (and Brazil within the global system), and to foster the responsible consumption of FSC-certified products, boosting the national offer and demand.

FSC Brazil’s strategic plan for 2020 integrates international issues with the main potentialities of, and threats to, Brazilian forests, under the common project of strengthening responsible forest management.

Their strategic goals show FSC Brazil’s main focus areas for the coming years:

  • Expand the recognition of the FSC brand and concept, throughout all links of the forest supply chain up to the consumers;
  • Strengthen FSC certification in the Amazon Rainforest;
  • Promote effective and chamber-balanced participation;
  • Ensure empowerment of the national office, enabling it to act in an integrated and autonomous way alongside the FSC network;
  • Strengthen smallholders and community certification.

(© FSC Brazil)© FSC Brazil“Forests For All Forever” communications campaign

2017 was a very important year for FSC Brazil as it was when their communications campaign aimed at consumers was broadcast on television and the internet.

The campaign’s goal was to increase the knowledge and recognition of the FSC brand in Brazil, and to inform consumers about the social and environmental benefits of certification. The awareness campaign aims to promote the responsible consumption of forest products as a mechanism to conserve Brazilian forests and improve the quality of life of workers and traditional communities.

In 2016, to celebrate FSC Friday, FSC Brazil launched its first advertising campaign in three metro stations. Check it out here!

Smallholders and communities in the Amazon achieve FSC certification

In December 2016, FSC Brazil saw two smallholder communities achieve FSC certification for the production of their non-timber products: Associação Soenama do Povo Indígena Paiter Suruí, which produces babassu oil and coal, crafts, mesocarp flour and non-processed nuts, and Associação das Comunidades Tradicionais do Bailique (ACTB), an archipelago 160 kilometers away from Macapá, capital of the state of Amapá, and owner of the only FSC-certified açaí plantation in the world!

(© FSC Brazil)© FSC BrazilProjects and activities

FSC Brazil is currently working on:

  • constructing the new National Forest Management Standards for Brazil;
  • engaging members to participate in the FSC International General Assembly;
  • assessing the Amazon region with the aim of promoting the certification of native forests;
  • a market diagnosis structure to enable them to map funds and policies supportive to certification;
  • a new version of the National Risk Assessment Brazil, incorporating controlled wood;
  • promoting FSC in the press and institutional media and communications;
  • participating in lectures and events relating to the forestry sector; and
  • articulating the voice of key account partners in the development of work plans.

A version of this article appeared originally in the May 2017 edition of Forest Matters.

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