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With COP21 having taken place last year in Paris, much has been happening just over the Channel at FSC France...

FSC France (© FSC France)© FSC FranceThe FSC France team is split between two offices - Vannes (Brittany), for the technical team, and Paris for communication and direction - and is made up of a total of five full-time and two part-time staff, plus one or two trainees per year.

The main project FSC France is working on is the certification of French forests. After five years of work, the national standard is now approved and will be operational in 2017. With this major tool, FSC France will be able to develop strong communication with public and private foresters at both a national and regional level.

In 2015, COP 21 was a major highlight, and FSC France proceeded to create a coalition around a manifesto titled “Preserving the value of forests to mitigate the effects of climate change”. 160 stakeholders from NGOs, retailers, industries, forest owners, workers' unions, and consumer organisations, along with several very famous French personalities and lawmakers, signed this document. It was important to create an FSC France community around FSC's values and to show the ability of FSC France to mobilise and take its place in the French decision makers' ‘landscape’.

FSC France has also implemented several tools key for its development: an institutional communication toolkit, a defined service delivery program and a stabilised strategic plan for 2016-2020 in alignment with FSC global plans. Eight objectives were defined, two of which are priorities:

- Be better known and recognised by public and private decision makers;
- Have more FSC-certified forests in France and work closely with local stakeholders.

These two priorities demonstrate their desire to have top-down actions, achieving this by developing their relations with decision makers to ultimately pull the market. At the same time, they have a set of bottom-up actions to push the market and provide local FSC-certified materials and products to industries.

FSC France has worked with retailer Carrefour, an FSC France member, to develop FSC-certified products, have better visibility to consumers, and spread their actions on FSC to other countries.

(© FSC France)© FSC FranceIn 2017, FSC France will be building relationships with foresters to develop FSC certification on the ground. They will also develop a strategy for increasing training and for increasing certification in the building sector. If Paris is chosen to organise the 2024 Olympic Games, this would help! And of course they welcome any UK advice and support based on the experience with London 2012!

If you would like to know more about FSC France and their projects, you can visit

A version of this article appeared originally in the November 2016 edition of Forest Matters.

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