Why seek FSC certification?

  • Get ahead of government requirements - FSC certification vastly reduces the risk of being confronted with illegal timber

A growing number of countries and regions – including the European Union, USA and Australia – have legislation banning the trade and use of illegally harvested timber and derived products. FSC certification meets UK Government Timber Procurement Policy and can be used as part of a due diligence system to meet the mandatory European Timber Regulation (EUTR).

  • Create business benefits - Improve market access, achieve higher revenues, enhance public image

By becoming FSC certified, producer businesses and forest owners can access new markets and gain a stronger, more diverse customer base, thereby increasing revenues. Retailers and suppliers can strengthen their reputation, provide assurance about ethical and environmental product standards and forge stronger links with their own customer base.

  • Connect with the consumer - FSC provides a link between the forest and the end user

Certification allows consumers to be confident that the products they are buying come from a responsible source. FSC’s credibility is a great brand benefit, enhancing reputation and marketing possibilities. 50% of the UK public recognise the FSC logo (GfK 2014) and 72% are very or fairly likely to give preference to FSC certified products (YouGov 2015)

  • Raise standards - FSC certification acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management

FSC certification brings economic benefits by opening up new markets; social benefits to workers and local people; and environmental benefits for biodiversity and ecosystems.

  • Fight climate change - FSC prohibits deforestation, forest degradation and illegal logging in certified areas

Protecting forests from conversion to other land uses such as agriculture, introducing management practices that maintain the integrity of the forest, and restoring degraded forests, all contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change.

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