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Sustainable fashion and forests

(© FSC International)© FSC InternationalFabrics of natural and forest origin such as rayon, viscose, modal or lyocell are increasingly used by the sustainable fashion industry. This trend has the potential to develop a market that is attentive to the needs of people and the environment, contributing to the responsible management of forests and supply chains.

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From the tree, to the shop, to your wardrobe.

Fashion supply chains are often extremely complex; this sometimes makes it difficult to determine whether the materials used are of responsible origin. As the world's most trusted sustainable forest management solution, FSC is able to assure businesses and consumers of the integrity of the supply chain, from forest to consumer.

For over 25 years, the Forest Stewardship Council has been committed to ensuring that forests around the world meet the social, environmental and economic needs of the present generation, without compromising those of future generations.


The demand for sustainable fashion is growing: one in three consumers consider the environmental and social impact when buying clothes(1), and 80% of consumers who have bought or are looking for sustainable products say that FSC label has a positive effect on their purchasing decisions(2).

1 Source: Global Consumer Insight 2017.
2 Source: FSC Global Market Survey 2018.


Doing good for the planet. And making it known.

The FSC brand adds value to products, helping companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing.

The FSC label identifies products responsibly sourced forest products, and can be applied to fabrics, packaging and tags made from FSC-certified materials.

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