Using the FSC Trademarks

(© FSC UK)© FSC UKFSC has five registered trademarks:

1. The name ‘Forest Stewardship Council®

2. The initials ‘FSC®

FSC Trademark Standards for Certificate Holders and Non-Certificate Holders and guidance on the use of the FSC labels and trademarks are available to download below. Factsheets are available to download to the right.

For more information on using the FSC trademarks click here.

If you hold an FSC certificate and wish to use the FSC trademarks, please contact your FSC accredited certification body for approval.

The Forests For All Forever brandmarks

The Forests For All Forever brandmarks (shown above) and associated assets are freely available to all FSC certificate holders (on- and off-product) and trademark licence holders (off-product use only).

Single Use Trademark Licences

Single use trademark licences are available for the media and educational groups and institutions etc. For more information click here, or to apply, email info at fsc-uk point org.

Further documentation

All FSC policies, standards, procedures, directives and advice notes can be downloaded from the FSC International Document Centre. Standards interpretations, which are provided where necessary to ensure consistent application of FSC standards, can also be found there.

Standards and guidance documents

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