What circumstances call for controlled wood?

FSC controlled wood can only be mixed with FSC certified wood in labelled FSC Mix products, which is one of three types of FSC claim.

The three types of FSC claim are:

  • FSC 100% - containing nothing but fibre from FSC certified forests
  • FSC Mix - contains a mixture of some/all of the following: timber or fibre from an FSC certified forest, reclaimed timber or fibre (pre- and post-consumer) and controlled wood; or
  • FSC Recycled - recycled material (pre- and post-consumer reclaimed material)

There are two different systems under which FSC Mix products can be produced:

1. Percentage System Products (solid wood) - this must contain a minimum of 70% certified FSC wood/pulp and/or post-consumer reclaimed materials. The balance (maximum 30%) must be FSC controlled wood or pre-consumer reclaimed material.

2. Credit System - there is no minimum level of FSC and/or post consumer reclaimed input but only a proportionate percentage of outputs can be labelled as FSC. All non-FSC / non-recycled content must be FSC controlled wood.

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