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FSC UK staff see a different side of forestry at the Glanusk Estate

For this year’s staff outing, we were delighted to be shown around the Glanusk Estate by Andrew Sowerby, Forest Manager at Pryor & Rickett Silviculture (FSC-C011154).

FSC UK Executive Director Rosie Teasdale and Pryor & Rickett Silviculture Forest Manager Andrew Sowerby talking trees at the Glanusk Estate. (© FSC UK)© FSC UKHaving visiting forests managed by Natural Resources Wales and Egger Forestry in previous years, this was a great opportunity for the FSC UK team to see a different side of forestry in the context of a mixed estate, where other activities include farming, fishing, shooting, filming, accommodation, weddings and festivals.

Over 300 hectares of woodland are an important backdrop to many of the estate’s activities, and are integral to the shoot. But these woodlands are also important in their own right as sources of hardwood and softwood timber.

As well as guiding us around the estate, Andrew gave an introduction to Pryor & Rickett Silviculture, whose foresters manage 20,000 ha of woodland, largely in Wales and the West Country. Glanusk Estate is certified through Pryor & Rickett’s FSC group scheme, whose members make up around a third of the area managed by the company.

“I value taking the time to understand different perspectives across the supply chain, being out on site makes the exchange more even more valuable. Our conversations and professional networks are essential If we are to manage forests to a high standard while still managing costs,” commented Andrew.

FSC forest management certification fits with the Glanusk Estate’s ethos of aspiring to high quality. The estate produces enough timber every year for large certified markets to take an interest, and already fulfils many of the requirements of certification thanks to the quality of its multi-purpose management.

“This was a perfect staff outing,” says FSC UK Executive Director Rosie Teasdale, “as an opportunity both to learn and to come together as a team. We very much believe in getting out into the woods and reminding ourselves what FSC is all about. We’re extremely grateful to Andrew and to the trustees of the estate for the warm welcome they extended.”

You can learn more about the Glanusk Estate at, and about Pryor & Rickett Silviculture at

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