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Pesticides Policy update – end of transition period, new graphical overview, and engagement with nurseries

In June 2020 we reported on an extension to the transition period for the revised FSC Pesticides Policy. The extended transition period came to an end on 31 December 2020, and all Forest Management certificate holders must now be in compliance with Policy requirements for environmental and social risk assessment (ESRA) when using any chemical pesticides.

Full implementation of the Pesticides Policy depends on the development of international generic indicators for the use and risk management of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs), and on adapting those indicators for specific chemical pesticides in a given national context. For now, forest managers must take into account draft international indicators, and may choose to be guided by national level ESRAs for specific HHPs.

The technical working group developing international generic indicators has produced a graphical overview of how Pesticides Policy requirements – particularly ESRA and HHP indicators – fit into wider requirements in the FSC system for integrated pest management. Available for download below, we hope this will prove useful to certificate holders, auditors and stakeholders seeking to understand or explain how FSC approaches pest management and pesticide reduction.

There are specific requirements in the Policy for certificate holders to make their nursery suppliers aware of pesticides prohibited by FSC, and to ask nurseries to share information on which of those chemicals they use, if any. Confor kindly helped FSC UK to meet these Policy requirements more efficiently by addressing a meeting of their Nursery Producers’ Group.

Full details of all these developments, along with other information and resources relating to the FSC Pesticides Policy, can be found on the dedicated FSC UK web page.

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