Project Certification

The London 2012 Olympic Park achieved FSC Project Certification! SA-PRO-003095 (© Olympic Development Authority)© Olympic Development AuthorityIndividual objects or buildings of any size or scale that are built or renovated can seek FSC project certification. Project certification can also be used for civil engineering projects and events such as exhibitions and festivals.

Under this certification standard, several projects can be managed on a rolling basis or a single project can achieve a one-time certification.

The projects to which this standard is applicable are:

  • Renovation or construction or civil engineering projects (e.g. building).
  • Individual art or decorative objects (e.g. sculpture).
  • Transportation vehicles (e.g. boat).
  • Other items or products not listed in the standard may become eligible to be certified as a project upon specific approval by FSC International.

The standard does not apply to single production batches in the manufacturing of forest-based products (e.g. a printing run, one batch of FSC-certified furniture produced according to customer’s specifications), which must be certified according to the FSC chain of custody standard (FSC-STD-40-004).

FSC project certificates are issued to the certificate holder and may cover multiple projects (continuous certification). The organisation can issue Project Statements as evidence that projects are FSC-certified.

FSC-certified projects

A list of all valid (confirmed) and applicant (pending) FSC-certified projects worldwide can be found here.

Construction case studies

A selection of FSC construction case studies can be found here.

How does project certification work?

Building Sustainably (© Canary Wharf Group)© Canary Wharf GroupHaving selected an FSC accredited Certification Body, your project manager (either in-house or a consultant) must then liaise with them to put in place a system of collating and verifying documents relating to purchases of FSC certified timber by all contractors and sub-contractors. As with any Chain of Custody certification, all relevant personnel will need training in:

  • how to specify FSC certified timber
  • how to find FSC certified suppliers
  • how to verify that FSC certified timber has been supplied
  • what to do if non-FSC certified timber is delivered

There are three possible options for FSC project certification:

  • Full project certification

When all forest-based material/products used in the project are claim contributing inputs (FSC 100%, FSC Mix or post-consumer reclaimed)the organisation can claim that a project is fully certified.

  • FSC claims on specific components of a project

The standard allows organisations to claim that specific components or materials of a project are FSC certified. For example, in the projects where all door frames of a specific construction project are FSC Mix 80% certified.

  • Percentage claims

Once the project is considered finalised, the organisation can make FSC claims about a percentage of forest-based materials used as claim-contributing inputs.If the project contains forest-based materials that are not claim contributing inputs, the inputs shall be sourced as pre-consumer reclaimed, controlled material, or FSC Controlled Wood. Please note that this only applies to percentage claims and not to full project certification or FSC claims on specific components of a project.

Do companies supplying timber for an FSC certified project have to hold certification?

Project managers working on an FSC certified project can ensure that forest products are FSC certified in one of two ways:

  • Purchasing the product from an FSC certificate holder. All FSC certified companies worldwide can be found on the FSC certificate database.
  • By including companies in the scope of the FSC project certificate if they have been contracted/sub-contracted to purchase, transform and/or install FSC certified wood material/products specifically for the project. This could include contractors/sub-contractors working on or off the project site. These entities/companies would not be required to hold their own valid FSC chain of custody certificate, however all FSC certified wood materials and/or products sourced by them or for them, which is used in the project, would have to be sourced from valid FSC chain of custody certificate holders if it is to be recognised as FSC certified.

If you do not hold FSC certification and you would like to find out more about getting certified, please get in touch or click here. If you are not looking to get certified but you would like to supply the FSC project with FSC certified forest products, you would need to ask the project manager about the possibility of being included within the scope of the FSC project certificate.

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