Case Studies of FSC Project Certification

Marks and Spencer

M&S Simply Foods: East Kilbride (© Marks and Spencers)© Marks and SpencersM&S launched 'Plan A' in January 2007 – ‘committing to change 100 things over five years, because we’ve only got one world and time is running out’. One of the aims stipulates 'working with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that by 2012 all of our wood is sourced responsibly, which means that it’s either ‘Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified’, ‘recycled’ or from sources ‘that otherwise protect forests and communities’. This aim also covers wood products supplied for the construction and fit-out of M&S stores.

M&S Simply Foods in conjunction with Wates have committed to gaining project certification on all M&S sites since 2009 and have gained certification on 10 projects. Both M&S Cambridge (TT-PRO-003267) and M&S East Kilbride (TT-PRO-003268) received full project certification.

Working closely with the M&S Plan 'A' manager and staff from FSC accredited certification body, BM TRADA, the Wates FSC Project manager produced a process manual and standard operating procedures commensurate to the FSC guidelines and trained all staff and site operatives on the process. In 2010, M&S administered a drive for all second tier suppliers to become FSC certified and Wates immediately put in place a series of workshops to train their supply chain and assist them in gaining BM TRADA certification. Wates’ entire supply chain gained FSC certification via BM TRADA in November 2010 and they can now provide a true, unbroken chain of custody on all M&S projects.

Other M&S retail stores have also attained FSC Project Certification, including the second biggest M&S store in the world, M&S Cheshire Oaks. From the outset, M&S insisted that only FSC certified wood could be used in the project in line with its Plan A commitment. This presented a challenge for the development contractor, Simons Group, as the scheme involved a huge amount of engineered timber, not typically seen as an FSC certified product. After meeting with BM TRADA Certification to clarify the criteria required under FSC Project Certification, Simons Group decided to take this route.

Simons Group and their suppliers pressed ahead, working hard to meet M&S’s expectations and meet certification requirements, and in July 2012, as Cheshire Oaks approached completion, BM TRADA Certification awarded full FSC Project Certification.

Fishing Boat called Sabani

This Sabani (small, wooden fishing boat) was constructed for the community in Shiraho on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, with whom WWF Japan is working to promote traditional fishing practices and raise awareness of the  sustainable use of marine resources.

The boat, certified in 2007, also helped to launch FSC project certification in Japan, and was exhibited in Tokyo. The Sabani has been used for display and ‘experience nature workshops’ on the globally significant coral reef found in Shiraho lagoon near Ishigaki Island, Okinawa (FSC Project Certification Code: SA-PRO-001646).

Hollybrook Homes Ltd

Holybrook Homes (Essex, UK) was the first project in the world to attain FSC Project Certification (© Holybrook Homes - Ilford Wharf)© Holybrook Homes - Ilford WharfThe first project certificate was issued in 2006 to this five storey timber framed residential development in London’s Ilford Wharf (TT-PRO-002236).

The 73 home complex used 100% FSC certified timber. Hollybrook Homes’ construction director, Andy Suttle is proud of his company’s achievement: “The certification of Westside Apartments has already generated tremendous interest both nationally and internationally,” he said. While the certification itself is indeed impressive it is equally impressive that the whole project was completed ahead of schedule and well within budget.  More information can be found here.

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