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(© FSC UK)© FSC UKFSC UK strongly encourages the use of the FSC trademarks by FSC certificate and promotional licence holders. Using the trademarks helps to identify FSC certified products and raises awareness of FSC and the importance of responsible forest management.

In a 2017 survey, 54% of respondents reported recognising the FSC logo*.

Displaying the FSC logo can have a marked effect on purchasing decisions; 55% of respondents confirmed a preference for FSC certified products bearing the FSC logo**. Further, when FSC certification is specified as the only differentiator (e.g. cost, quality etc. are the same), this figure rises to 72%***

FSC has five registered trademarks:

The name ‘Forest Stewardship Council®

The initials ‘FSC®

If you are considering using the FSC trademarks in any way, please see how to gain permission, below. If you would like any guidance regarding the use of the trademarks please contact FSC UK.

None of the FSC trademarks may be used without prior authorisation. We take trademark misuse seriously to protect the credibility of the FSC system.

Get permission to use the FSC trademarks

The FSC trademarks can be used by FSC certificate holders and FSC promotional licence holders. The logos can also be used for educational and research purposes and by the media. Details of how the FSC trademarks can be used by different groups can be found by clicking on the links to the right.


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  • ***YouGov Omnibus survey of 2080 adults
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