The FSC Trademark Portal

FSC Trademark PortalClick here to access the trademark portal. Your FSC accredited certification body will provide you with access details for the portal when your company gains FSC certification, allowing you to create and download labels and logos for promotional use.

If you are producing design work on behalf of a certified company, the certified company can provide you with the correct trademarks. Please note that the designs may need to be approved by the certified company's certification body.

If you are creating designs that will be printed by an FSC certified printer, the printer will be able to include the FSC label on the final proofs.

Generating on-product labels

The FSC Trademark Portal will generate the correct label based on your requirements.

You will need to provide the following information:

1. Licence Code

Your FSC licence code (a number in the format of FSC-C000000) will automatically be added to the labels by the FSC Trademark Portal.

Please note that your licence code is different from your certificate code (which is in the format of XX-FM/COC-000000).

2. Label type

You need to work out what label is the right one for your product.

During your FSC chain of custody assessment, you should have notified your auditor whether your products are:

  • FSC 100% - containing nothing but fibre from FSC certified forests
  • FSC Mix - containing a mix of FSC, reclaimed timber or fibre and/or controlled wood; or
  • FSC Recycled - reclaimed timber or fibre

For more information about different label types, you can download our 'What do the FSC Labels Mean?' factsheet here.

3. Product type

The product type should be specified on FSC certified printed publications and where there is likely to be any ambiguity as to what the label relates to. A list of product groups is included on the label generator.

4. Layout and placement

Both portrait or landscape labels are available. The FSC label is generally printed directly onto the packaging or printed materials and is not usually a sticky label.

5. Colour

Green, black, and white are the FSC standard label colours. Postive green (Pantone 626C), is the preferred version. The Pantone equivalent in CMYK or RGB may also be used.

Special exemptions: To reproduce the FSC label in other colours, or as transparent, you will need to get in touch with your Certification Body to seek special approval.

6. Format and size

  • Portrait versions of the label must be produced at a minimum width of 17mm, and the landscape versions at a minimum height of 12mm.
  • Portrait versions of the mini label must be produced at a minimum width of 11mm, and the landscape versions at a minimum height of 8mm.

7. Percentage recycled content

If using a label with the mobius loop, the percentage recycled content should be inserted. The figure is always 100% for the FSC Recycled label.

8. Translations

Various translations of the label are available to download and up to four languages can be included.

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