Education, Research and the Media


(©© Freepik.comThe FSC trademarks are freely available for use by the media, please contact our press office at press at fsc-uk point org for high resolution copies of the FSC trademarks.

Education and Research

(©© Freepik.comOrganisations wishing to use the FSC trademarks for educational or research purposes can be issued with a single use trademark licence.

Examples of eligible uses of a single use licences include:

  • Publishers using the FSC trademarks for illustration purposes within the content of books and journals
  • Visitor Attractions using the FSC logo on displays and public information signs to raise awareness of the FSC system
  • Exam boards using the FSC trademarks within exams

Single use licences are not available to commercial companies selling FSC certified products or using FSC certified materials in their business activities. Contact education at fsc-uk point org to request a single use trademark licence.

If you are unsure which route applies to you please use our trademark use flowchart or get in touch.

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