Dispute Resolution

FSC is committed to facilitating consistent and timely evaluation of complaints and appeals raised by stakeholders against decisions, performances or any other issues within the FSC scheme.

This process is fully defined through "FSC Dispute Resolution System" Procedures (FSC-PRO-01-009, FSC-PRO-01-008 and FSC-PRO-01-005) and other supporting documents. Click here for further details

Complaints against certificate holders shall be first filed to the relevant certification body (CB) who shall undertake the investigation of the complaint. Please contact FSC UK if you need further information on how to do this. Any complaint about certified organisations which has not been referred to the relevant certification body for resolution will be directed to the CB and not handled by FSC.

Stakeholders may use the online form to submit a complaint about the operation of the FSC certification system, the FSC Network, the FSC accreditation program or the performance of FSC accredited certification bodies.

Alternatively, you can contact FSC UK directly if you have a complaint against actions and decisions take by FSC UK staff or the FSC UK Board of Directors.

The following elements are needed in writing to process the complaint:

  • complainant’s name and contact information
  • who the complaint is submitted against (the ‘defendant’)
  • the events and issues leading to the complaint
  • evidence supporting each aspect of the complaint
  • whether and in what form the issues have been raised with the defendant prior to lodging the complaint, and what response was provided.

FSC UK will acknowledge receipt of all written complaints within 2 weeks and follow FSC-PRO-01-008, the Procedure for Processing Complaints in the FSC System.

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