Services Provided by FSC UK

FSC UK offers a range of services designed to help you and/or your organisation understand and benefit from the FSC system, whatever your level of involvement:

Case Studies

Our communications team is able to work with your business on joint case studies, showing what FSC certified products you produce and why you think sustainable forestry is important. This can be done for a huge range of subjects, from project certification of office buildings to Christmas cards, so please get in touch if you are interested.

We are particularly keen to hear from companies who want to help create case studies which show your products going 'back to the forest' - which would mean tracking the product back through your supply chain and seeing each step in the process, ending with the forest, country or region where the wood originally came from. From this we can write about concrete examples of good social and environmental policies happening on the ground because your company has chosen to use FSC.

For some previous examples, we have recently completed a project certification article with MACE and a packaging article with Silver Spoon. Several other A5 printable case studies are also available. FSC UK have also produced a project certification case study film of 5 Broadgate, London (MACE) that you can watch here.

Case studies can range from website articles to articles in our newsletter, which we spread around via social media. We will also convert them into the A5 print-outs for our campaign days and trade shows. We can also look at creating short films to show your work.

Please contact tallulah at fsc-uk point org if you are interested!

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