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Note: promotional claims

If you wish to promote the FSC status of your purchases, you must buy from an FSC certified company (FSC certificate holders are listed here). You must also hold either an FSC Certificate or an FSC Promotional Trademark Licence, which allows the use of the FSC trademarks.

Search for FSC Certificate Holders, Promotional Licence Holders and Project Certificates

Search for FSC Certificate Holders

The FSC International Certificate DatabaseUse this database to check the validity and scope of FSC Chain of Custody and Forest Management certificates.

To amend information on this database certified companies should contact their FSC accredited certification body.

Access the FSC Certificate Database by clicking here.

Search for Promotional Licence Holders

In certain circumstances, uncertified organisations may apply for an FSC promotional trademark licence to use the FSC trademarks. This allows the use of the FSC trademarks for off-product, promotional use only.

Use this database to search for and verify FSC promotional licence holders.

Access the FSC promotional licence holder search by clicking here.

Search for FSC Project Certificates

Individual objects or buildings of any size or scale that are built or renovated on a one-off basis can achieve FSC Project Certification. Project Certification can also be used for civil engineering projects and events such as exhibitions and festivals.

Access the FSC Project Certificate Search by clicking here.

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