Promoting FSC through educational workshops

On FSC Friday 2011, FSC UK travelled to Bristol Zoo Gardens to present an FSC award for outstanding contribution to the work of FSC in the UK. The award recognises the excellent work of Bristol Zoo in promoting FSC through education sessions and activities for all ages.

Bristol Zoo’s education officers routinely introduce the FSC logo and recommend buying FSC certified wood and paper products during these sessions. In addition the Zoo’s Wow! Gorillas outreach officer, Natasha Iannaccone, has also discussed the FSC logo and encouraged teachers and pupils to buy FSC products during assemblies and workshops that the Zoo has run for 93 schools and over 15,500 children and young people this summer.

The conservation benefits of FSC have also been highlighted at the business and community outreach events that Natasha has attended for organisations that have sponsored a Wow! Gorilla.

Over the summer the Zoo’s education centre foyer was dominated by a giant FSC display for the public to decorate with paper leaves. Visitors were also encouraged to have a look through the FSC trolley which contained a variety of wood and paper items and count how many products carried the FSC logo.

The Zoo also ran a competition for members of the public to send in photographs of themselves with an FSC product. All responses have been entered into a competition to win a gorilla adoption.

Dave Naish, Education Manager at the Zoo, said: “We are delighted to receive this award from FSC. We have been promoting FSC to zoo visitors for years. Gradually everyone is realising that buying FSC certified products is such an easy, accessible way to make a worthwhile long lasting contribution to the conservation of forests around the world.

“In addition, promoting FSC fits in really well with the conservation fieldwork the Zoo supports and with the Zoo’s sustainability policy, so we look forward to working with FSC for many years to come.”

The Zoo also practices what it preaches, specifying FSC certified materials for the building and refurbishing of animal homes and using FSC certified paper and board to make their zoo leaflet and sandwich cartons.

Staff from the education centre even showed their enthusiasm for promoting the FSC message by spelling out the FSC acronym in people!

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