The world’s first fully certified and labelled postage stamps

Award presented by Charles Thwaites MBE to Royal Mail (© FSC UK)© FSC UKRoyal Mail is the first postal operator in the world to have their stamps fully FSC certified and labelled.

In recognition of this significant global first, FSC UK presented Royal Mail with an award for outstanding achievement. Charles Thwaites, Executive Director of FSC UK presented the award to Andrew Hammond, Managing Director of Royal Mail Stamps, at Royal Mail’s headquarters.

Martyn Fry, head of products, stamps and collectibles, says: ‘It is a significant move for Royal Mail in terms of how we are perceived by the environmental lobby and how we are judged on our response to environmental issues.’

Royal Mail’s stamps and philatelic products are now printed on FSC certified paper.

For Royal Mail, the move towards FSC certification began in 2009 amid preparations for the London 2012 Olympics.

The final changeover to FSC material was completed towards the end of 2010.

Given the specific requirements of stamp paper, it has always been sourced through a dedicated supply chain which operated in a similar way to the FSC “chain of custody” – supply chain – process.

Royal Mail has always responded to enquiries from customers that their stamp material was sourced from managed forests, but as a result of the certification they are able to demonstrate this in a tangible way.

It followed that if stamps were to be FSC certified, all philatelic products should follow suit. So these now carry the FSC Mix label.

Royal Mail’s suppliers achieved certification to enable them to achieve this goal. Royal Mail holds FSC trademark licence FSC-N001608 to cover their own promotions using the FSC trademarks.

Andrew Hammond, Managing Director of Royal Mail Stamps, said: ‘It’s fantastic to be at the leading edge of sustainable stamp production.’

Charles Thwaites, executive director of FSC UK, said: ‘We are delighted that Royal Mail has taken this momentous step to print all their stamps on FSC certified paper.

‘This is a very welcome commitment to sustainable forestry. The change will also give great exposure to the FSC label as it will appear on the stamp booklets.

‘There are many occasions when we all use paper without even thinking about it. Stamps are just one example and we hope that other companies will be encouraged to follow Royal Mail’s lead.’

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