Ideas for Businesses

Here are some suggestions for the day. If you have other ideas and want some advice feel free to contact us at fscfriday at fsc-uk point org.

Staff celebrate FSC Friday 2013Are you an FSC certified business? Below are a few ideas for things you can do to celebrate, from cake baking and staff awareness to changing your email signatures and hosting articles on your website.

We want to help you talk about why you're FSC certified and about the certified products you offer. Most FSC certified businesses have great stories to tell, and you should be proud of your efforts to make the world more sustainable.

Am I eligible to take part?

We ask that companies celebrating FSC Friday are FSC certified and/or hold an FSC promotional trademark licence. However exceptions can sometimes be made for companies that do not trade in forest products - please get in touch if you would like to discuss taking part. Of course, if you decide to get certified in the build up to FSC Friday, we'll help tell your story.

Staff Awareness Day

Hold an internal staff awareness raising activity. Organise a seminar or a short talk about what the FSC certificate means for your business and the purpose of FSC Friday. This could be followed by a quiz. Many companies have held FSC themed coffee breaks over the years accompanied by delicious looking FSC themed cakes!

Customer Promotions

You could offer discounts to customers on FSC Friday – we can help to promote this on our website, in Forest Matters and through social media.

Business to business

FSC Friday can be used to increase understanding of FSC among business customers, with distribution of FSC factsheets or flyers, seminars or product promotions. You can also formally tell your suppliers that you only want FSC certified products from now on, if you haven't already done so.

Open Days

Businesses can hold open days, inviting customers or local school groups to visit their site and learn about FSC certification. In previous years, businesses have teamed up with schools to plant trees, and show them round paper mills to explain how paper is made.

Promotion of FSC Friday

Businesses can promote FSC Friday on their website, in newsletters and using social media. We can provide suggested tweets and Facebook posts, and can also engage with your social media posts about FSC (re-tweeting/sharing).

Dress in green for the day

For a fun way to highlight your commitment to FSC, encourage staff to dress in green or in forest fancy dress on FSC Friday. Remember to send us your photos!

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