Charities & organisations

(© Bristol Zoo)© Bristol ZooAre you an environmental charity or educational organisation? We allow organisations to talk about FSC even if they're not certified if those organisations do so for educational purposes. Why not use the opportunity of FSC Friday to educate others about how to be sustainable and what they can do to protect forests?


(© M.Slusararczyk-Bettys/Taylors of Harrogate)© M.Slusararczyk-Bettys/Taylors of HarrogateDo you care about the fate of the world's forests? You can make a positive difference by choosing FSC certified products when you buy anything made from wood, card or paper (or other forest products).

You can make a huge difference by talking to others about FSC and increasing the number of people who choose FSC. We have banners and profile pictures you can use on social media in the run up to the day - and whenever you like afterwards!

If you want to take a step further, why not lobby your place of work to ensure their procurement policy specifies FSC for all office paper and furniture?

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